Tools & Features

  • Uncomplicated WordPress Hosting & Management
  • For developers, designers & site managers
  • Manage one or more servers with the click of a button

Server features

Server Monitoring

Each of your servers is checked every 10 minutes or 144 times a day to make sure it’s still up and running. If something is wrong you will be alerted by email.

Server Response Time Reporting

Each time we monitor your server we will record the response times to help you gauge what your site users are experiencing.

SSH Access

Your own SSH logins for access to your sites secured with your own SSH key.

Power Up

Respective power controls to turn your server on, off and to reboot.

Static IPv4 Address

Each comes with your own IP that can be used to verify your server with payment providers such as SagePay.

WordPress site features

Malware Scanning provided by Quterra

Twice daily scanning of each of your websites using technology from Quterra. The scan will look at each of your WordPress sites and identify malware, spam links and other threats to ensure your website is safe and trusted.

WP Config

You can change your WordPress configuration from platform without needing to edit any files. With a simple click you can toggle a range of settings and your config.php files will be rewritten for you.

Offsite Backups

Every site comes with the option to create automatic backups. All sites are backed up on seperate off site servers for extra assurance.

Front Page Content check

You can optionally set a check for content on each of your sites. For example you could set the search for “Error Establishing a database connection” to alert you there is an issue with your database tables.

Error Log content check

Similar to the Front Page check, all sites can set an Error Log content check to look for particular text that may help you identify an issue with your site.


All sites are created with a temporary URL to allow you to set up and develop your WordPress site without needing to use your preferred domain. Once your site is ready you just need to add your preferred domain or domains and they will be assigned to your site.


SSL certification is provided by so with a simple click you can add an SSL certificate to any of your WordPress sites and domains. You can now offer Wordpress hosting with ssl for each of your client websites.

Install, Activate, Disable and Delete Plugins from the platform

By linking to the WordPress plugin library you can install, activate, disable and even update any plugin to your site. Plugins are checked each day to give you an overview of which sites have which plugins and if any are needed to be imported.

Hourly import of Access & Error Logs

Easy access to seven days of error and access logs for each of your servers with a search function to find specific entries.

Hourly import of Debug Logs with Summary of top 20 errors

When you have debug logs enabled they will be imported once an hour to help you debug any issues you have on your WordPress sites.

Daily Broken Links Search

Each site will be scanned once a day to look for broken links. These could be missing images or even misconfigured pages. With this tool you can see what needs to be fixed before your client does.


Each day SEO information is collected for each WordPress site which include data from Moz, Google Page Rank and Google Page Speed.